Jiaru + Nige


May 26 2022

Welcome To Our Wedding!
We are very excited to celebrate this important day with you.


100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

5:00PM - 1:00AM






To Follow Black Tie Attire




August, 2015

We met on the first day of high school at Heritage Christian High School in Los Angeles. We said hi to each other for the first time in the hallway. Surprisingly, we found out we had exactly the same class schedule. (all 7 classes!)

our first date

October, 2016

our first date actually happened after we both transferred to different high schools. Jiaru transferred to Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino, CA. Nige transferred to Orange Lutheran high school in Orange County. After attending different high schools, Jiaru and Nige actually started to chat more often. One day, Jiaru asked Nige out for a USC vs UCLA football game on the weekend. There goes their first date ever!

High School Graduation

May, 2018

Jiaru and Nige both graduated from high school in May,2018. We attended each other's graduation along with our families. It was wonderful to have each other from start to finish. It was such a meaningful and memorable time for both us graduate at the same time. We also got accepted into the same college in NYC. We were so excited to step into the next chapter of lives together.

Together In the City

August, 2018

we moved to NYC together after our graduation trip to Japan. We had our first apartment in the city, we started to decorate our little home, invited our friends over, started a new life together as a couple in the city. The college life, the city life, doing everything together. It was very exciting for us. We also decided to have our first puppy, Enzo, a little maltese in Sep, 2018. Our little family just got a little bigger.

Our time in Boston

August, 2019

We decided to move to Boston and attend BU together after a year in the city. We started to settle down in a new city all over again, moved into our first apartment in Boston. We also welcomed our second puppy, Enyo, a very cute golden retriever into our lives.

"I will always be your sunshine"

August, 2019

Throughout the time in Boston, we have been through a lot together. It was like completing another milestone in our relationship. We quarantined together during Covid, figured out what we want to pursue after we graduate college, had our first home.Time flies by, just like what Jiaru said to Nige four years ago, "I will always be your sunshine." Yes, Jiaru did, he would always make sure put a smile on my face whenever. We will always protect each other, have each others back. I think this was also the time we realized we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other.


7:00PM 3/12/2021 New York

I have thought of many proposal ideas since day one of our relationship. Eventually I decided to let this once in a lifetime moment happen at Times square, where I could propose to her in front of the world. I knew one thing Nige always wanted was that our friends could be there and witness this special moment. Covid happened to make my proposal just a little bit harder. However, I still managed to secretly invite couple friends over at time square on March 12th, 2021. I told Nige that I was going to buy some soda and disappeared from the hotel room. I met up with some friends, put on my suit and headed to 43rd and 7th. I had my best buddy Jason picked Nige up and drop her off at exactly 7:00PM in front of the billboards, which it showed "Patricia, will you marry me, I will always be your sunshine" and our pictures. I still couldn't describe the feeling when I saw her showing up with tears on her face and walking toward me. It felt like a dream, I told Nige how much I couldn't live without her, people were cheering loudly in the background when I FINALLY put a ring on her finger, FINALLY, She said YES! FYI, I told Nige I was going to propose to her when we were dating 4 years ago and I did. She will be the most beautiful bride, I just know it.

Our Proposal Video: https://vimeo.com/646294655

Terranea Resort

Our Favorite Pacific Ocean View Resort in Los Angeles

Terranea Resort is not only one of our favorite ocean resorts, it's a precious gem we love to go to when we were dating. It carries a lot of our beautiful memories. Take advantage of the the breathtaking pacific ocean view, sprawling greens and world renowned spa or golf by the ocean.


Terranea Resort

May 26, 2022 - May 27, 2022

We are excited to gift our out-of-state guests with accommodation on the night of the wedding! We appreciate you traveling from all over the world to celebrate the most important day of our lives.

(Notice: when you click the link down below, after selecting your room, it will still be asking for your credit card info, this is only for a hold, upon check-in stay will calculate minus the wedding night. Reservation full.)